What Jackie Advocates For

The major functions of the Osseo School Board include:
  • Setting a vision for the school system;
  • Establishing standards for performance;
  • Ensuring high quality assessment;
  • Embracing accountability for student outcomes;
  • Aligning system resources to promote student achievement;
  • Creating effective school climate and culture;
  • Developing collaborative relationships; and
  • Working toward continuous improvement.

Opportunity/Achievement Gap

Every one of our students deserve a district that is willing to look at ingrained systems that work against students achieving their dreams. Currently we are still seeing educational gaps for our students of color, particularly our Black and English Learning students. I rely on research and experience to tackle this problem. I have been advocating for:
  • building relationships with families, diverse organizations, and staff
  • connecting to the community
  • working to engage all parents in the way that makes sense for them
  • have high standards
  • make sure that teachers have relevant training and support
  • Co-wrote an anti-racist resolution to include Black, Indigenous, Parents and Students of color in reviewing practices, policies and procedures that have historically created barriers for many of our students
          School Equity

          Having worked in several different schools and school programs, it is difficult to make sure that all children get the education they need to be successful with a disparity in resources. Addressing the equity issue of disparity of resources between programs and schools is a necessary job of the board to achieve the district mission to inspire and prepare all students with the confidence, courage, and competence to achieve their dreams; contribute to community; and engage in a lifetime of learning.

          This involves careful examination of the resources and needs. It also involves advocacy at the state and federal level. My perspective of working with all age levels and many demographics allows me to make sure every student is included when making equity decisions.
          School Behavior and Climate

          Osseo Area Schools is currently looking into Social Emotional and Self-Regulation curriculum, practices and training. When students can regulate then they can learn. When students arrive to school with traumatic experiences or chronic stress their brains can encourage behavior that is hurtful to themselves and others. I have been advocating for this since the day I was sworn in on the Board and I am continuing to work with the Superintendent and others to find the best practices for Osseo Area Schools.

          My experience and success working with culturally appropriate behavior guidelines in the school where I work has given me a unique insight that helps guide decisions. We are implementing self regulation and restorative practices in order to keep students in class, in school and most importantly to develop interpersonal skills across races, cultures, gender identities, and other differences with each other.
          A Bold Vision and Strategic Plan

          Currently the Osseo Area Schools Board and Administration is working on developing a new strategic plan. With the report of achievement of our students we want a bold new direction to truly attack opportunity gaps and achievement for every single student. I encourage the community to be involved in this development. We need everyone's voice at the table. I have been advocating to make sure we have true representation of our community in this process.
          Family and Community Engagement

          Students do better in their education when teachers, students, families and community come together. The student feels supported. I have Doctoral work in Human Services and Family Education. This education has been instrumental in my practice. My 30+ years of working with families that has taught me the importance and joy of being teams for our students. I have been advocating for multiple ways for engaging the community, including listening sessions, which we started for the 2019-2020 year. We are also starting new family engagement practices while establishing our new strategic plan for excellence for each and every student.

          Every year I am told by my colleagues and supervisors that I am gifted with working with families. It is truly because, as a teacher, I see the family as an important part of the learning team. I am looking forward to continuing to work on this and when I am re-elected.
          Fiscal Responsibility

          As a community it is our responsibility to ensure that our community remains strong. Strong schools are the cornerstone to a healthy and productive society. Economists agree that investing in education provides the highest of returns. As a board member I have been advocating for appropriate funding at the state and federal level; supporting alternative funding such as grants; and fighting to distribute the funds to our highest priorities.

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