Community Endorsements

Our family is so appreciative of the work Jackie is doing to bring about change for our school district. Her voice and advocacy for students and their needs is vital in moving our district forward in a positive and meaningful way.
Anita Britton
Community Member
Amy Rinke
I have appreciate Jackie's involvement and advocacy for all students, especially those whose voices are in the minority. Jackie ensures that all are heard and truly cares for the students in our District. Her mission is to make 279 the best it can be for all students, and I fully support her.
I am a parent of biracial children in the district. I am hesitant to trust people to properly advocate for them. Jackie has earned my trust and more. She has proven multiple times that she is a tireless advocate for my children and all students in D279. I am so grateful for her service and I whole heartedly endorse her. She is exactly what our community needs.
Amy Montero
D279 Parent and Teacher
Sue Riekels
I value how Jackie advocates for ALL of our children and communicates and answers questions with the parents in the District to keep us well informed of current and future activities. She offers a unique perspective which is inclusive and looks at situations from many angles. In addition, she is not afraid to stand up for issues that may be more difficult to discuss.
I wholeheartedly support Jackie's candidacy for school board. Her dedication to advocating for our students and teachers, and her transparency during the preparation for the new school year in The Age of Covid, has been unbelievably helpful and appreciated... I feel like my kid is well cared for with her on the school board.
Deb Miedema
Lance Fredrickson
Jackie is a tireless advocate for ALL children. She can empathize as a teacher, parent, and community member. She always looks at the big picture, and as a large school district, that is critical in decision making since our district is diverse in it's learners and needs. She is collaborative, kind, and respectful. She also knows when to be respectfully blunt, upfront, and honest when it comes to advocating for staff and children. In our ever changing world, she is the type of leader that will lead District 279 to success!
Jackie's heart is in the right place, fighting for education for ALL students!
Pang Yang
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